Free Art Friday


 FAF cover

To promote creativity in Red Wing, celebrate artists and art, and get people out exploring, artists hide art out & about for anyone to find on Fridays.

FAF directions


Here’s how it works:

  1. Creative people make a small piece of art – anything from a screen print to a sculpture to a granny square to a photograph to a mix tape(!).
  2. They affix a label or tag with information about FAF and the artist. Free tags (and bags!) can be found outside by the front door at ArtReach.
  3. Then they place their art somewhere semi-hidden in Red Wing, taking care not to damage property or make the art too hard to snag.
  4. The artist posts a photo clue of the hidden art to the FAFRW Facebook group. Not too much is divulged in the pic – after all, it’s a treasure hunt!
  5. Anyone who finds it is free to take the artwork home. We just ask that they post a photo to the FAFRW Facebook group to let the artist and other FAF hunters know that the art has been found at We ask that you only take one piece each week.

Good luck and happy art hunting!