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Case Study

Graffiti, Art and Protest in Iran

by Parham Ghalamdar and Steven Lake

Graffiti Art and Protest in Iran is an Art Reach Project for the Liberty EU Programme and Journeys Festival International in October 2021.

Audience members, at the Theatre Royal Portsmouth and the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester, were invited to experience a virtual reality tour of a water tunnel in Iran that became a canvas for graffiti artists and a focal point for political and social protest. In this virtual reality installation, Parham Ghalamdar shared the stories behind the artworks and their destruction in the context of political freedoms and creative expression in modern-day Iran.

We talked to artist Parham Ghalamdar and filmmaker Steven Lake about the project and their collaboration in this interview.


Executive Produced by Limina Immersive.

Commissioned by Art Reach for Liberty EU at Journeys Festival International 2021, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

This image shows an old water tunnel in Iran that is covered in graffiti.

Image: Parham Ghalamdar