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Journeys into Music

This mini-podcast series features musicians from around the world.

Each episode takes us on the musical journey of a different artist, who will share the experiences and influences that have shaped their sound.


Episode one: Lydia Lutudi.

A soulful singer and songwriter.

Lydia discovered her voice after moving to England with her family. They were living the American Dream, not seeking safety or protection, but unexpected events brought Lydia into the refugee community. These experiences have influenced her powerful songs.

Click here to listen to Lydia’s podcast: Episode One


Episode two: Arash Sabet

An Iranian Blues, Rock and Folk Singer.

Arash left Iran with a rucksack and a harmonica that he didn’t even know how to play, but he just needed music. He has experienced restrictions on his musical expression in different circumstances, both in Iran and in England. Arash blends blues with Iranian folk and finds that when language is a barrier, music can easily connect him to people.

Click here to listen to Arash’s podcast: Episode Two


Episode three: Haymanot Tesfa

Amharic singer & traditional Ethiopian Krar player

Haymanot is deeply connected to her Ethiopian roots. Her songs are inspired by the dramatic landscapes and meditative sounds of the traditional music of her country. A true free spirit; Haymanot draws from her own happiness to bring joy through her hypnotic and experimental music to her audience.

Click here to listen to Haymanot’s podcast: Episode Three


Episode four: Mohammad Yahya

Mohammed Yayha is a rapper, artist and activist fusing African inspired music with Hip Hop.

Born in Mozambique, he moved to Portugal and then London, experiencing racism and other struggles at a young age. Listening to Hip Hop connected him to his African roots, and now, through his infectious music he shares the migrant experience to educate those who don’t know and reach out to those who do.

Click here to listen to Mohammad’s podcast: Episode Four

Podcast produced by Dimple Patel on behalf of Journeys Festival International.

Audiences in an outdoor setting enjoying a music performance including a hand drum.
A group of musicians in colourful clothes perform outdoors surrounded by balloons and flags.

Image: Matt Cawrey Photography

Three people in front of a festival music stage holding a banner saying The Joy of Living.

Image: Drew Forsyth Photography

A woman in a Sari stands in front of an audience as they dance along to her instructions.

Image: Tom Byrne Photography