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Creativity for the Climate

This image is a collage of a carnival dancer, some flowers and a young boy with a butterfly net.

Re/action Festival celebrates creativity for the climate and focuses on people and communities coming together to create small changes that add up to make a big difference.

A group of musicians performing with vegetables on an outdoor stage.
A giant puppet carried and operated by a group of performers on an outdoor square.

With pop-up performances, exhibitions, workshops and installations, the festival helps us to learn how to re/wind our impact on the environment. The festival commissions new artwork that addresses the climate emergency, showcases local, ethical traders and food, shares skills, offers workshops in re/purposing and re/using, and celebrates the landscape of Leicester city and shire. The festival shows how we can make changes which add up to a big difference for the future of our planet. Key to the festival will be young people, as drivers, activists and producers.

You’ll find some wonderful images from the 2023 festival by looking at our gallery here: Re/action Festival 2023

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In 2023 we hosted the first ever Re/action Festival in Leicester city centre, 26-27 August, with two days of creative events and home-grown or international performances. We explored the world of bees, watched an orchestra that performed on musical vegetables, watched incredible mechanical creatures, enjoyed giant puppets and listened to the hidden music of trees.

Audiences watching a concert on an outdoor stage.