Relocation & Relaunch!

We’re moving!!!   We moved!

Our new space at 436 W 3rd St is an ideal location for ArtReach because:

  1. It has a single level that is physically accessible for all customers, including those with mobility challenges. Making art accessible is a key part of our mission and we need to be physically accessible for that to happen. The space also includes an attached garage where individuals with additional mobility needs can park out of the elements, with plenty of room to safely enter the building.
  2. There is ample space to set up for classes and it would allow us to hold multiple classes simultaneously. This translates to providing more services and therefore the potential for greater revenue.
  3. There is space for a kiln which creates new possibilities for pottery classes. This means greater access to another art form for the community as well as greater revenue for ArtReach.
  4. The location, in the heart of downtown, is close to the Sheldon Theatre and next door to the library. It will facilitate collaboration with downtown organizations and allow us to capitalize on the foot traffic during downtown festivals. Traffic = more people having access to creating art and more income for ArtReach.
  5. The store front visibility will help us promote our classes and will help us create a welcoming environment for both ArtReach and the downtown community. ArtReach’s new location will enliven the downtown area and make the heart of our city even more vibrant!

It is truly a great space and we’re very excited about what this will mean for us and for downtown Red Wing!

We are in the process of raising $30,000 to cover our first year’s rent, build out expenses, and kiln installation. We have received funding from multiple sources, including individual donors, corporate sponsors, and public and private foundations, and we’re over half-way to our goal. You can contribute by making a donation through PayPal below.


THANK YOU to the following donors who are making our relocation possible!

  • Red Wing Area Fund
  • Carol Sweasy
  • Gabrielle Hruska
  • Brock Marklevits
  • B.B.
  • M.A.
  • S.B.
  • J.M.
  • Indigo Wellness
  • Claro Coning
  • E.W.
  • J.T.
  • M.C.
  • Jake Ostendorf
  • P.M.
  • C.L.

We are very grateful to the St. James Hotel for being great landlords of our space at 112 Bush Street for about 15 years. They saw us through a lot of changes and we’re very thankful for their support. We can’t wait to see how they use the space in the future.

March 13th: Construction of our new bathroom started today! The existing bathroom in the space is waaaaay back in the building through several rooms and pretty small. It was not a great restroom to send kids to and it was definitely not accessible for people using wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility devices. We’re excited about the new bathroom but it’s a big (expensive) task to add things to an old building.

March 23rd: We finally have ALL of our stuff at the new location! We got a tremendous amount of help from Heather Nagel and her daughters Casey and Lindsey Ward; Jake, Cecelia, and Vivian Ostendorf, Cathy Nolt, Paula Marshall, and PaoPao O’Connell. It was a huge task – turns out we have a lot of art supplies. Getting all of our stuff organized at the new location is a work in progress but at least it’s all under one roof! We also have our internet hooked up and a new mail slot in our front door so we can get mail of all kinds at our new location!

April 20th: We held a ribbon cutting with the Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce and had an opening reception with over 100 people in attendance throughout the evening! Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate and warm the new space!