Staff and Board of Directors

ArtReach Staff

Anna Ostendorf

Anna Ostendorf, Program Director

I have always been involved in creative activities to my parents’ delight and occasional dismay, depending on where I decided to make my mark. Fortunately, I have learned to direct my creative impulses in appropriate manners over the years (and when I color on my own walls no one minds.) I hold a BA degree from the University of Minnesota in Religious Studies with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. In both areas I am fascinated by the ways in which people express themselves and their beliefs through art.

I have worked with multiple nonprofits as a volunteer, staff, and board member since 2002. I am thrilled to get to work with ArtReach to make Red Wing a more vibrant place! I am passionate about art, animals, travel, and making my community a place I’m proud to call home. 

ArtReach 2019 Board of Directors

Kristin Kraabel, Board President

I was raised in Red Wing with a culture of an Art Community. In high school I struggled with “fitting in” but the place I found peace was the art studio. I spent all my free time cleaning, wedging clay or working on a project; my art teacher is one of my heroes.

I graduated from Mankato State University in 2003 with a BS in Social Work/Corrections. After graduation as a child advocate I often used art as a way to make children comfortable and to teach lessons. In my current job there is no room for art but I participate daily in Mommy art (which means adding art to everything we do whether it is creatively painting finger nails or building snow men that turn into a snow landscape).

I loved going to ArtReach classes and taking my daughters to classes. My youngest daughter started volunteering with ArtReach (at age 8) after she accompanied me to an Adult Pinned class and was assisting the adult women in how to do their project. I volunteered as I could and after a year I wanted to do more. So, I jumped on the board and have had so so much fun teaching Free Art Days and being part of the culture of art in my town.

Pao Pao O’Connell, Vice President

I became a volunteer superstar the first day I stepped into ArtReach in 2009, and I have been one ever since. ArtReach is a precious gem to me. It has been one of the key ingredients for making Red Wing my home.

Throughout my life I have experienced the power that art has to transform, empower, and heal. It’s my personal belief that everyone deserves to have the opportunity, freedom, and space to create freely.  I feel very privileged to serve as a board member in this relevant and meaningful organization.

Cathy Nolt, Treasurer

Tara Marklevits, Secretary

Kathleen Howard

Lindsey Tscherne