Like art?   Want to help provide creative opportunities for people of all ages & abilities?   Work with us at ArtReach!

Are you interested in paid work as an instructor? Check our Instructors Wanted page. If you have an interest in teaching a class or becoming involved with one of our programs, we would welcome the chance to meet with you!

Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas including leading classes, working at tent events, assisting with classes, office/clerical work, etc. Whether you prefer to be center stage or in the background, we have a place for you. You can get started by filling out our Google Form.

To learn more about our current volunteer opportunities, please contact Anna, the ArtReach Program Director, at anna@artreachredwing.org or (651) 388-4488.

ArtReach programs are offered as a service to our community and in order to keep them affordable we rely heavily on volunteers.

Why volunteer with us?

  1. No art experience is needed! Although we love when our volunteers have art experience, we have many volunteers (and even a few board members) who just love the arts and want to be involved to make a difference and support our mission.  No matter your comfort level, we can find a class or task for you! We work with all ages and abilities and teach a wide variety of art media, so there are also many options within our classes, including working with young kids, teens, adults, senior citizens, and more.  We need help not only at classes, but at tent events, around the studio cleaning or organizing, doing computer work, helping with fundraising, promoting our programming, and more!
  2. We are flexible with dates and times. Most of our classes are in the evenings or on weekends so there are lots of opportunities to help.
  3. Our classes are taught by knowledgeable and experienced instructors, so volunteers at classes will have great leadership and support.
  4. The more the merrier! Volunteering with us can be a great family activity or a task for you and friends to enjoy together!
  5. ArtReach volunteers are able to earn incentives towards free classes with us and paid instructor positions are also available.

Volunteer & Instructor/Staff Requirements

All ArtReach workers must have a current volunteer form on file. You can download a copy here. You can also get started online now by filling out our Google Form and we can update our paper records later. You can find more volunteer information here.

All ArtReach workers are required to pass a criminal background check. ArtReach covers all expenses incurred in running these checks.